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Stream, cast, or watch over 200+ workout videos on the only app that is specifically designed for the over 50 aged group or those suffering from chronic conditions.

Free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play, today.

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RenuMe App


Fitness exercises for the earlier generation. Avoid where it hurts, focus where it doesn't.


Do the right exercises to support what you'd love to keep doing (or what you'd like to start doing).

Designed by physiotherapists

Easy to follow videos designed by qualified professionals, with real-world examples.

Personalised program

Every fitness program is customised to suit your personal situation, whether beginner to advanced, at home or in the gym.

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Strength Workouts


Develop strength in your muscles through simple exercises developed to suit your ability.


Integrate simple stretching movements to increase your range of motion.


Get your body moving, starting from the small and simple, supporting your day to day.

Why Movement Is Important

As we age we lose balance and strength and this can lead to falls and breaks. It also reduces our ability to partake in activities we enjoy most or even be able to leave our homes. 

Things like playing golf, enjoying moments with the grandkids, getting into the garden or even getting out to meet friends down at your local cafe.

Balance can be corrected. Strength can be increased. Movement can improve.
All adding up to an improved quality of life.


Yes, the app is completely free for all users.

If you have an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad,you can get the app from the Apple App Store. If you have an Android device like a Samsung or Google, you can get the app from the Google Play Store.

Not at all. We ask a series of questions to customise the workout to the level that you are most suited to whether beginner or advanced.

You don’t need it, as we do have workouts that are designed to be done without; however we do recommend getting a few basic pieces of equipment as you get more advanced in the program.

Yes you can. We just ask you to let us know where you are experiencing pain so we can ensure you get the best workouts to suit you.

At this stage we don’t, however let us know what support you are looking for and we should be able to point you in the right direction.

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